at least, there's the cat.

made for bitsy jam 11

bitsy by Adam Le Doux


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Si calme et reposant. Merci pour cette expérience ! <3

Aw merci beaucoup!!

I like this. Sitting here thinking about the worlds that evaporated over their heads at some point. Thank you.


Thanks a lot Eric 😊 

Great visuals. I'd love to see what this could evolve into. The basic objects like tea and cat, and the bordering philosophical captions make it very intriguing. Could be an awesome journey!

hi mirmaka! thank you a lot for trying the island and taking the time to write your comment!

It's the very first game I ever made. I used Bitsy ( by ledoux. The visuals are very limited (three colours, 8x8 pixels for objects and characters).
Idea after idea, I ended up keeping the essence of what I wanted to show, and expressed that I do have game ideas however I don't have the skills to create them, yet.

Ah, i see. But you could use your own real simple pixel visuals, and expand the journey sometime in the future. The simplicity makes it all the more interesting. Keep me posted if it works out!

its feels so melancholy.. i really like the cat :P 

and the cat loves you back ^^

Thank you a lot for playing, it means a lot.